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On September 26th, the British government voted to join in the airstrikes against ISIS, the immediate response from one twitter user (who will remain anonymous - image and name has been intentionally blurred above) was “Game-on”, a timely dose of inspiration for a useable piece of text for my Take 2. I’ve tried a number of simple diptych type layouts with pairs of images from those available and the following are possible options for discussion:
GameOn2GameOn3_ROB0664-Edit copyGameOn5GameOn1GameOn6
(images used for educational purposes)

OK, there’s an obvious danger here that the images start to look like some form of advertising campaign for a game, and part of me actually likes this idea but only if the images were to be seen blown up to huge dimensions and on the white walls of a gallery where I believe they would have the desired impact. Here though, viewed as small jpgs a few hundred pixels across, they do not have that aura. Low culture posing as low culture does not make a post-modern masterpiece, I suspect.

Different juxtapositions of images give me different reactions. It might be that the colours don’t feel as... complimentary or coherent, or just don’t “feel” right to me. Pilot on the top, or on the bottom has different impacts, perhaps depending on the way he is looking, perhaps because of the plane he has been juxtaposed with. Another example, with more images together, is shown below, this time with an excerpt from Churchill’s “Never in the field of human conflict” speech. This feels contrived, and a form of the propaganda I really want to avoid, the sort of thing that
Some Unholy War is questioning - it’s not the truth, but is being presented as being such, backed up with the historical fact of the words of the famous speech.
(images used for educational purposes)

I suppose my favoured image as things stand right at this point would probably be the first of them, partially because of the fresh, young looking face of the pilot perhaps having some resemblance of the target audience of the game, boys and young adults. Some of the others really don’t work for me, the text struggles to add much when presented in that way, or at least doesn’t lend itself to being what I wanted. And yes, some of these feel like a graphic design exercise. The same might be true of that first image too; I’m certainly not saying this should be considered the finished image, but it’s a stake in the ground. Something to invite discussion about. I do however feel that this is moving away from something I would have necessarily sought to do, although I can also argue that it does feature elements of what I have indeed been doing recently. Perhaps It just lacks some of the thought that I might want to put into things, partially because this was a necessarily time limited exercise, partially because it is a construct to answer an outside brief when I prefer to work to my own. It’s possibly more to do with a general state of unease in my head about a number of things to do with the MA at the moment. Things that have left what is normally a quite logical mind in a state of turmoil.

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