Task 2 : F3 - more versions, some thoughts and stuff

I’ve been posting various images and trials (but not all of them) within the OCA Flickr group forum in order to get some feedback. There’s been some things said that have helped, some that have made me think some more and others just pointing things out.

Firstly, here are some more versions, back to “testing” I suppose, or maybe it’s “sampling”… I’m not really sure.

Image: A Bridge Too Far
Lyric: All and Everyone, by PJ Harvey

Lyric: Ribbons, by The Sisters of Mercy

Lyric: Some Kind of Stranger, by The Sisters of Mercy

Lyric: Miserable Lie, by The Smiths

Lyric: Birds, by Electrelane

Lyric: In the Dark Places, by PJ Harvey

Lyric: Ziggy Stardust, by David Bowie

Lyric: The Partisan, by Leonard Cohen

Lyric: The Charge, by New Model Army

Lyric: White Rabbit, by Jefferson Airplane

(images used for educational purposes)

OK, so here I’ve been playing a little with the length of the snippet and font size, therefore the size of the white box, even trying that white box as a black box, the opacity and again flitting back to red text. Some of the lyrics are more obviously war-centric whilst others aren’t. Some are deliberately love oriented, others simply obscure.

So, for me, what works? Well, without referring to any sort of idea of what I was hopping to achieve, on a visual level, I think a single line of text is better. I also prefer the idea of the lyrics not being directly related to conflict, those that are read a little bit more like a caption and less thought is required to process the coupling. Black text on white is possibly better too, I think the white background, semi-transparent though it is, helps with legibility as in earlier trials I’ve had to choose lyric length to suit the image elements in terms of light and dark, rather than content (I know here the specific content has not been particularly considered).

From various comments that have come back from Flickr – the first one relates to the last image, above. “remember what the door mouse said” was the copied from the Metro Lyrics website, whereas Anne pointed out it’s a “dormouse”, which is indeed what it was called on another website (AZlyrics). Oldie Lyrics claimed the line was “remember what the
doorknob said”. Now that really doesn’t make sense, even in the drug fuelled world of Jefferson Airplane or Alice’s Wonderland. Care needs to be taken to ensure the lyrics are correct, otherwise it all begins to fall down.

Film: The Battle of Warsaw
Lyric: Peace Frog, by The Doors


(images used for educational purposes)

With these two images there was some interesting thoughts posted. The mix of black and white image with red text was thought to be visually interesting, but without recourse to any intentions (Dewald). Another thought from Anne, especially with the lyrical reference to “the streets” was that this began to be more like a police drama than a war film – the hint of khaki was needed to be sure that it felt like conflict rather than crime.

Image: Saving Private Ryan
Lyric: Ribbons, by The Sisters of Mercy

(images used for educational purposes)

Stephanie gave the following comment about the above image from Saving Private Ryan.

I really like the contrast between the images and the world here.

It is difficult to read, on purpose?

Just a thought: the text works here for me, strangely, as the projection of the viewer’s thoughts thinking about something else while watching a movie – rather than illustrating the thoughts of the character in the movie. You know, how your thoughts are drifting away from what your eyes are looking at sometimes. One thing growing with this set, from my perspective, is that with the number of images you are taking, you are more and more present in the set. I imagine you watching hours of movie with your camera, looking for something and these lyrics on these images are one more screen distancing you from the subject represented. 

Image: Brotherhood
Lyrics: Firestarter, by Prodigy

And again, Stephanie on the above:

I really like the lyrics you used in relation with the last 3 images, there is a difference with the previous one, they are angry, and they sound like music. They are more raw than the previous, more poetic ones, closer to the frustration one can have in front of war images. 

It makes me want to scream the lyrics, I feel restless now rather than contemplative. You triggered something.
So, some food for thought – more trials to undoubtedly follow.

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