Task 2 : early tinkering

This is a couple of early musings within the bounds of the second task (Take a series of frames from a donor piece and re-form them as a single image. Then I will look to add a textual element from songs to fracture the original material by taking it out of the original context, one of the entertainment song / war film and make it something else). The boundaries I’ve set myself is to combine the film with lyrics from songs from the same year, in this way there is a cultural relationship between the two, with some level of distance from the events through the passage of time between the two. This distance will vary, with films ‘reporting’ more recent conflicts having a closer relationship than something from an older historical event. This will probably also create some level of discord between the visual and the textual – whether it does or not remains to be seen and is part of the point of doing this.

The first couple of images come from the film
Battle for Haditha which gives some level of approximation of the Haditha Massacre in November 2005. The film was made in 2007, so there is little passage of time between the actual events and the dramatisation of them and indeed, the proceedings against the participants had not been resolved by the time the film was released (although some charges had already been dropped). There are therefore obvious questions as to whether the film should have been made at all, never mind so close to the actual events. Whilst it might be showing something of the “apparent” war crimes being committed, it might not be glamourising conflict, it is still serving to provide a level of normalisation of such things. Does the interplay between the visual and the music work to question things? A thought that comes is that it might trivialise things, and this would be a cause for concern.

Haditha Massacre – 2005 : 2007
Battle for Haditha / Russian Literature

Haditha Massacre – 2005 : 2007
Battle for Haditha / Books from Boxes

(images used for educational purposes)

I’ll work with similar images some more, but it’s clear that some careful consideration is needed so that I don’t do exactly what I wanted to highlight.
Battle for Haditha. 2007. [Video Streaming] Nick Broomfield. Channel Four Films.
Maximo Park –
Russian Literature and Books from Boxes from the album Our Earthly Pleasures (2007)

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