[( 6 )] : Other considerations

There are many considerations to take account of: for the work itself, supplementary material, promotions... there are bound to be things we didn’t think of, but here are some of things that I have:

Sponsorship - is it possible to get some money towards the show? Well, the other 5 didn’t seem to bothered about this as the costs weren’t astronomical, however I did manage to get some discounted printing from Paul Graham Image Specialists, and the OCA agreed to fund the PV. I also got something via the company I help run, but this is much like paying for it myself... If the show was to be bigger, and everyone was in agreement, then sponsorship would be more of a consideration to take onboard.

Presentation of the prints - My prints are going to be full bleed and on forex. Using forex means that a frame is unnecessary, and the prints come across as more “immediate”, to me at least. Also, not having glass means that there will be far fewer reflections - what there is will likely be a sheen, rather than a mirror like one as seen in these installation shots of Simone Lueck’s
The Once and Future Queens.

That’s me in the left hand image - not the woman, the reflection!

How to hang the prints - mirror plates, strap hangers, “D” hooks... there’s many options here. I’ve opted for wooden battens to which I can attach velcro, then to the back of the forex. I suppose traditional battens would be the split kind, but then how are they attached to the forex print? Velcro seems much more versatile, and forgiving which is maybe more important - if we don’t get the batten 100% level, the velcro will allow it to be corrected. This is my first time you know...

Should I use captions - my immediate answer to this is “no”. I’m not a huge fan of individual captions, although it does of course depend on the photographs and the style of captions. Sometimes they’re really important, other times less so, especially if there is a good artists statement available. So, no captions for me, although having said that there is a small sheet with the credits for the various lyrics on it for
Speak My Language.

Postcards - should I create postcards or some other promo items? Many of us have, myself included - I used Moo, a fairly cheap and flexible option, giving reasonable quality results on a rigid card stock (some offering are on slightly thicker than normal paper - very poor). I opted for two different styles of postcard for
A Forest - one featuring the “official” juxtaposition, the correct images if you like, and another that just has half the image pairing so that they can be combined with another half to make a different object/forest juxtaposition when placed together. Obviously, these won’t be where the item was found, but I thought it might be nice to be a little playful... I’ve also got some postcards of Speak My Language from a while ago, so will be using those.

A catalogue - we originally decided not to have a catalogue, but in the end I wanted something for my own gratification which is developing into a full-on catalogue. Maybe I’ll make it available...
(note: the catalogue has indeed materialised with a nice introduction from Sharon Boothroyd. The catalogue is available from

A Forest book with the exhibition - there’s more images in the book than the exhibition, so should I also include the book with the exhibition? I’ve decided to do this, but only whilst I’m there in person (for the PV, and if I make it to the gallery any other time). I could also ask for the Gallery copy of Speak My Language to be wheeled out, but it was looking a little damp/tired last time I saw it.

Sales - do I sell my work, and if so at what sort of price? Obviously, I’d be very happy to seek my work there, but I’ve no idea about pricing. It’s a headache just thinking about it...

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