T4: a first foray into the Ribble Valley - disappointment aplenty

Last weekend I set off with a full tank of fuel, my GPS in fuel station locating mode and a couple of cameras to find some petrol stations. There's a number I know about, the one on the end of my lane, on the A59. Another next to the only McDonalds in the area. Some in Clitheroe. One in Dunlop Bridge. Bound to be at least one in Longridge. And a strong recollection of seeing one just to the north-west of Ribchester, but that one wasn't where I thought it was...

So, a first disappointment, not an auspicious start. I had thought that was an old fashioned style pump too (so probably not in service). Maybe it was somewhere else I passed whilst do another project in the area? I'll keep an eye out for it. I headed off to Longridge and soon found a second problem. I'd planned to shoot the project using medium format cameras; I have two of these and started off with the Pentax - a bit friendlier to use and a pile more pixels to play with. The lens is 55mm, which will equate to probably about 42mm on a 35mm camera and this is wider than the Hasselblad with it's 60mm lens and crop factor from the old digital back. However, the lens is still too long for what I want. You see, in America, there's lots of wide open spaces, and even when the spaces aren't wide and open, the roads are still wider than the little roads we find in our rural towns and villages. Using the Pentax, the Texaco petrol station in Longridge pretty much filled the frame. I prefer a wider lens, and a level of distance between the subject and the viewer. 

Texaco, Longridge, Lancashire

I'd have preferred it something more like this, which was taken with a little cheap and cheerful Fuji (I have intended to take two styles of photograph and see which works for me more):

Texaco, Longridge, Lancashire

So, a wider lens needed and therein lies the third disappointment. £1700! I'll have to resort to eBay and hope something turns up. Having said that, I can always use my Canon - nothing wrong with it at all, but just not what I had intended. Not quite back to the drawing board, but an obstacle to overcome.

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