[( 6 )] : The space

With the space provisionally booked, we set about working out the details of who could go where, what would be exhibited and such. Now, there are 5 rooms at BSA, and 6 of us exhibiting so someone was going to have to share. Sharing the biggest room would have been the obvious solution, but the obvious is not always the best solution and there was some thought as to what would visually work.

Knowing the available space also helps in defining the works to be shown. Three of the artists are urban landscape, so it makes sense to keep them together. I was exhibiting a (loosely) landscape piece and a documentary one, there was some more social documentary and some portraiture. Dewald was initially looking at showing video, so would need a darkened room which precluded sharing with someone with prints, which meant that the logical choice would be for Tanya and Nigel to share a room. By putting Dewald, Tanya and Nigel in the "left wing" of the gallery, this meant that my two pieces could take the central room and act as a transition from the landscape to the left, and the soc-doc and portraiture to the right. Well, it makes sense in my mind although I'm not too sure how well I'm visualising how it will ultimately look. Time will tell!

With the rooms agreed, I set about working out which, how and where my prints would be displayed. I toyed with more prints from A Forest; maybe 8 or 9 might have worked but in the end I decided on a bit more space around them and have had 7 printed. I also toyed with the idea of printing Speak My Language up as a series of 6x4s, pinning them loosely to the wall, but opted to stick with a large mosaic print, similar to the A0 foldout map version that I'd produced previously, but going bigger... It wasn't until Keith pointed out that shorter people like him might have problems seeing it all that I had to have a slight rethink. Whilst it will be a large print overall, the individual elements won't be so I've changed the layout now, and hopefully it will be more accessible to all.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 19.29.57

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