Take 2 Influences : pre-trial

OK, this isn’t really what I had in mind, but it’s something I tried with something I’d already photographed. A couple of trials if you like. I don’t think either particularly work very well for what I’m thinking.

(images used for educational purposes)

The first photograph, from Saving Private Ryan, features the lyrics of the song Birds by Electralene. It has no relevance to war at all, but there is a narrative of someone left behind, maybe even widowed that can be construed - “Still I can’t stop thinking about you”. The second photograph is from the BBC series of mini-docudramas called Our World War, with this one being about the Pals regiments. Again, the words are the lyrics from a song, this time by PJ Harvey and called Let England Shake. The song is about war, as are all the songs on the album (with the same name). Whilst this one cannot easily be placed, others refer to the Anzac landings in Turkey; Battleship Hill and Bolton’s Ridge, so time-wise it is appropriate, although... does that make it a bit clichéd?

I actually think there’s too much text on these, and then there’s the danger that they’re directing the viewer too much in a certain direction, which is not necessarily what I was thinking for the series in the first place, but then these are just a quick “play” to see if it does anything for me. I’m not so sure if there is mileage just yet, but then I have a few hours to sit down with some work when I have found something relevant for the task. Less text is appropriate though.

I have started with the task in anger, working on the first portion of a possible idea. Hopefully I can add to that in the next few days and have something coming together in time for a chat with the others before it has to be submitted. I feel like I’m walking a bit of a high-wire with this one, so we will see.

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