T4 : Progress to plan

Things are not progressing as initially anticipated, but that's because the project has changed at the moment (and may well change again after the next couple of weeks of crits). Here's what I originally anticipated:

Week 1: deciding what to do and writing the proposal

Week 2: initial research into Ruscha’s style and approach, his route through America and my route through England

Week 3: continue research

Week 4: start making images (either GSV captures or real world)

Week 5: continue making images

Week 6: reflection and down select images

Week 7: (Easter - in France)

Week 8: image sequencing

Week 9: book design

Week 10: reflection and book refinement

Week 11: printing

Week 12: contingency (will depend on printing methods)

Well, it's week 9 and I should be starting the book design... But no. I'm still working on the images, so things will be tight (which is why the diesel is currently just a week, instead of the initial two). That said, if I do go with a book it will need less designing as the obvious thing would be to follow the original sequencing (so why not mix them up into 'proper' geographical order?). But I might not even put them in a book. The photographs look interesting as objects when backlit, so that seems to be an option, although I'm really not that confident it can be done as the lamp would raise the temperature and make the diesel a problem (diesel needs a higher temperature to burn, which is why diesel engines are generally heavier and more expensive to allow for the pressurised hot air and the fact that there's no spark plugs). I don't know enough about the science to be truly confident though... I'm also not sure if washing in detergent will do enough. I'm glad I had a week as contingency, and also that there is another couple of weeks afterwards before the package of work will have to head on over to OCA in Barnsley for appraisal.
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