Introduction to MA1 Visual Enquiry

So, the first “official” hangout on the road to having an MA has passed. Well, ok, it’s the first if we assume that the kickoff hangout on 2nd September was a case of getting to meet each other, getting to know the IT and just basically introducing the course. So, this week’s “introduction to MA1 Visual Enquiry” was... fraught with IT issues with some of the users (a number of people were dropping in and out for some reason). I’m really not so sure it achieved a huge amount more than reading through the timetable wouldn’t have done. The VL is better, that’s for sure... more on this later. But anyway, the timetable roughly pans out as:

Time table 1

My initial thoughts is that this really isn’t for me. I’ve become too used to the freewheeling independence experienced in the photography degree, whereas this “suffers” from too much structure and not moving at a pace that I want to. There’s also a fear that in doing the exercises planned I won’t be doing the work I want to do. I know this is a failing with my mindset though, and that it’s just a case of adjusting to a different way of learning, of operating. That in time, when the IT is behaving and the course has started in anger and people are engaging with each other, things will be much better. Maybe I’m just missing Clive’s peculiar way of providing feedback, together with a degree of uncertainty about the mixed media cohort and the way things are phrased (“studio” for example). It’s certainly a worry though, but with luck I’ll make it past the end of the month.

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