T4 : Shell, Daggett, California

I've had a second batch of images in diesel for a week and thought it was about time to take them out - not as long this time but I figure that I need to get this done for mid-May so I needed to get a move on. They could also go back in if necessary. This one has also been "washed" to try and remove the diesel, just in case I wanted to put them in light boxes. Again, I've just taken an iPhone photograph but this time it's much greyer. Obviously, the white balance control of the iPhone (at least in the basic camera app) is non-existent, so that might be a reason, but the earlier one (with a little over 2-weeks soaking) is much bluer (first one included for reference, below). Another effect of the diesel, or just the light? I don't know, but I will be re-soaking a larger version of Whiting Bros anyway, then re-photographing them all in the same conditions once they're all soaked, rinsed and dried (in a few weeks time). If necessary/desired I might then normalise them again in PS - it depends how I feel about it.

Shell, Daggett, California [July 2012]
Shell, Daggett, California [July 2012]

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Whiting Bros, near Ludlow, California [Jul 2012]

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