VL1 : Seminar

I think I’m coming to terms with a sort of crisis of confidence, of awareness of whatever it was that was filling my head with doubt about the MA. A brief chat with Angela before Monday’s hangout has straightened a few things too. I’m now sitting here looking at the short page of notes I scribbled during the hangout and I’m wondering if I was actually in attendance though? I’ll blame a cold for this, and also for the fact I’m not sleeping and writing this up at 3am, having been awake for the past 2 hours...

Anyway, based on the notes I have made what I have learned/thought pertinant would appear to be:
  • Presentations need to be sent to Paul/Alice on the Thursday before they’re required.
  • Alison appropriates photographs of people in her work.
  • Ryan Gander is showing in Manchester (actually, was showing - it finished last Sunday)
  • Jeff Koons is at the Whitney (NYC)
  • I was in a group with Monika and Emma to discuss the questionnaire.
  • Anne Hamilton.
  • One shot video.
  • Characteristics to respond to - abstract concepts not helpful.
  • Powers of 10
  • Questions to ask others about the work - “I think this does... what do you think?”

And there we have it, the sum total of 3 hours worth of note taking during a lecture.

There is context to all this, I know that “one shot video” was something Angela said when talking about the first task. I think she actually meant a single take, but “one shot video” seems somehow relevant to the work I’ve been exploring with
Some Unholy War - a project that might be getting its first appearance in print soon, if they’re happy with the appropriation element (an interest has been expressed, but I have explained the work so we will see).

The small group hangout with Monika and Emma was really enjoyable. We didn’t manage to discuss the lion’s share of the questionnaire, but the discussion around the first section got me buzzing. I found it really useful to speak to people about how they get going, where ideas come from. OK, whilst the generalities are not so different to my own way of going about things, just talking to people from other disciplines has been good, and further quelled any worries I have. I’ll be talking with them during task one too, as they will be my task buddies to start with.

Task one has been launched, with a few weeks to produce something - 10 hours work, with a rough 4:1 split between work and thinking. I have an inkling of where to head with this, actually drawing something from Langlands and Bell, but not really... I’ll have to try and not be abstract.
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