T3: Mapping the Territory, v0.5


I've been thinking about where to go with my map. I have a board, I have images tacked to it, but what does it mean? As is, nothing. Well, nothing more than any board with images tacked to it will mean. I need to branch out more to reflect the way the mind map was going before I paused with it because it was becoming too much; too unconstrained and too complex (last version below). This fully reflects the way I've been thinking though, so it will undoubtedly be useful. But what to do with the board..?

Well, I've decided to add snippets of text in the form of questions, places, things or people. This will then add another layer to the board map. Will it work, time will tell... I think it is though. A little more work and I'm hoping it will be ready to Pecha Kucha-ise, and hopefully I'll be able to make sense of it in order to talk about it for 8 minutes or thereabouts.


Another thing worth mentioning is the Constellations map currently at Tate Liverpool - another way of doing...

Constellations at Tate Liverpool

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