T4 : Trials with the litho print

The litho prints I received from Emma have been in the diesel and whilst something has indeed happened, its not in the same manner as the photographic print. With the litho, the greys and blacks seem a little darker, the central mottling is more accentuated. It's also maybe a bit "smudgier", although not as if the ink has run in the diesel as it's still cohesive. The paper (a standard cartridge paper rather than a photo inkjet paper I think) does not produce the same patterning as it is drying. Yes, there is some visual change, I'm just not convinced it's wroth pursuing any further. It doesn't interest me.

Polyester Litho Print (before diesel)

litho diesel
Polyester Litho Print (after diesel)

So, I'll leave that at that - thanks to Emma for making it possible to try, but it's a "fail" in my eyes.

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