Meet the Students

Today was meant to be a “Meet the Students” session but the second year cohort were otherwise engaged doing something else, so there was a short Q&A session with Caroline before being virtually introduced to our second year “buddy”.

The main thing raise for me was by Mathew, in that he questioned the essay writing and requirements for assessment. There’s an essay writing session next week so that will hopefully cover the lions share of that, but the requirements for assessment were interesting. They are:
  • the practical work
  • a piece of academic writing “the essay”
  • 8x A4 pages pulled from the journal

The first two I knew about, but not the latter (although I probably should’ve) - these entries can be anything: a gallery visit, a review of some work, some reflection, etc. It does all need to be pretty central to the development of the work and the course though. No point worrying about that now, but it is something to try and remember going forward (8 A4 pages isn’t really a lot!)

The other thing from the night was being told which of the second years we would pair up with for a discussion, and that would be Mark Daniels. He uses iPhonography amongst other things in his work. I’ll be getting an e-mail in the next few days, so will take it from there as I don’t really know what this is about at the moment, perhaps just a chance for a chat as you might have in a normal B&M? It might be worth having a browse through his blog though.
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