What is my practice?

I'm trying to work out what my practice is so that I can write my P3. At the moment, I'm not sure... I've not really achieved a huge amount in the great scheme of things, I don't see my art becoming my only source of income either. I suppose the question I'm really putting off answering is why am I doing the MA at all? Is there a purpose to it, other than self-improvement?

OK, so to write my artists CV, what would be on there? A small handful of exhibitions, a few self-published books. Anything else? Well, no. Not really. So, putting it all out there, this is what it amounts to:

Papergirl Blackburn [St John's Centre, Blackburn. 2014] - the community arts project featured 10 prints from Speak My Language before they were given away at random on the streets of Blackburn.

[( 6 )] [Banks Street Arts, Sheffield. 2014] - a group exhibition that I lead in terms of organisation, etc. 6 photographers, all recent or impending graduates from the OCA BA in Photography. It ran for a month in July, and it's the subject of the first few blog posts on here.

Sheffield International Book Prize [Banks Street Arts, Sheffield. 2013] - another show at Bank Street, this time featuring all of the artists books entered into that years book prize. I didn't win, although the book is now part of their permanent collection.

In Search of Space [Carlisle Photo Festival, Carlisle. 2013] - my work was on display during the festival, a bitter-sweet experience due to the poor quality of reproduction from the festival printer.

Inspired [Steward's Gallery, Clitheroe. 2011] - an mixed media exhibition featuring the work of local artists from the Ribble Valley.

I've also got work on pretty much permanent display at the OCA head office and that of another local firm. Does that count?

I've self-produced half a dozen or so publications, ranging from newspapers, Blurb books and catalogues to hand-crafted leporello format ones, each from one of my series,
including Speak my Language, A forest and Into the Valley.

My work has shown up in a number of places, it was featured in #Photography magazine, the Big Issue and a few other places. It's been used commercially, although nothing recently... Perhaps my more recent work would struggle to find a commercial use, and I don't create it for that purpose anyway.

How do I build on this? Do I actually
want to build on this? To answer the second question first, yes I do. So what is it I want to build on then?

I suppose it's got to be the exposure side of things. Famous for 15 minutes, and all that. Lauded in magazines, the shows the talk of the town... Ok, seriously. It would be good to get into a few more exhibitions, and I keep on submitting to the festivals and what have you, but it's a familiar story to be knocked back. I also need to dig into the local possibilities for a solo show, although "local" can be a bit of a solitary experience I guess. I'm not too sure there's much of a local scene... OK, there will be when you get to the cities (Manchester, Liverpool), but I'm not very familiar with them, beyond the headline galleries. So yeah, local - I need to start somewhere...

I need to keep hitting the magazines too, both the mainstream and independent ones (like #Photography, which ran some of
A Forest).

I need to get into the networking thing too. I need to do a lot of things, including make some new work. And do the day job. Oh, and the MA... Actually, I need to get organised. Maybe then I will work out what my practice might be...
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