T4 : 25 of 26 Gasoline Stations (parts 4 and 5 of 5)

I had meant to do this as blocks of 5, but I’ve decided to end it all with one big push…

Enco, Tucumcari, New Mexico
Now a bank
Enco, Tucumcari, New Mexico [Feb 2008]

Hudson, Amarillo, Texas
An empty lot

Hudson, Amarillo, Texas [Jan 2013]

Standard, Amarillo, Texas
The inspiration for Ruscha’s
Standard painting is now a mechanic’s workshop.
Standard, Amarillo, Texas [Jan 2013]

Enco, Conway, Texas
Nothing much…

Enco, Conway, Texas [Dec 2012]

Mobil, Shamrock, Texas
A beauty salon

Mobil, Shamrock, Texas [Mar 2008]

Texaco, Vega, Texas
Is this now a house?

Texaco, Vega, Texas [Jan 2013]

Conoco, Sayre, Oklahoma
Another empty site

Conoco, Sayre, Oklahoma [Aug 2013]

Apco, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Another car sales pitch

Apco, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [Aug 2014]

Knox Less, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
and another…

Knox Less, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [Oct 2014]

Fina, Groom, Texas
The last one, demolished and replaced with a house.

Fina, Groom, Texas [Feb 2008]

So, that’s it. All located thanks to Road to Ruscha, Martin Möll or just plain detective work on my part. All except Bob’s Service. It’s back to the Internet search with that one. I’ll also send Todd Stewart and Oklahoma University an e-mail too, maybe he will be able to help…

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