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In preparation for the upcoming tutorial with Caroline, we’ve been requested to upload 5 images onto our G Drive and share. Well, that’s done and these are the 5 images I’ve selected, all of which are from a current project called Some Unholy War.

In order of appearance, they’re from Battle for Haditha, We Were Soldiers, Our World War, and 2 from Black Hawk Down - used for educational purposes)

Why these ones? Specifically, I’m not sure. I guess they appeal to me on some level.

As a series, what I want to explore is on several layers. There’s the romanticisation and glorification of war, certainly in earlier films although perhaps this is changing more and more as audiences evolve - many films are becoming far “grittier”, showing more of the horror. Then there’s something about representations of truth; it would appear that some take these fictional pieces as being historical documents - almost an eyewitness account of the situation, especially as we are now see historical reproductions of vehicles, etc. (in the
Battle of the Bulge from 1965 American post war tanks - the M47 - were used as German Tigers, and the M24 Chaffee as the American M4 Sherman - they look nothing like what they were meant to!). The increasing amount of news or even civilian footage available also has an impact, everything blurs together if we do not pay it enough heed, the blurring then being represented physically within the image. This has been borne from something that I think Paul Graham said about HCB’s “decisive moment”, and it being followed by another (I will have to find this quote again). Whether these images as shown here will be the final object, I’m not sure yet. Sometimes I think there needs to be something, other times I think that there would be a danger of them becoming either contrived, convoluted or reduced somehow. We will see.

I guess there are still some issues regarding the copyright of these, their source material is obviously copyrighted, but then the work is transformative from the original, in terms of media (video > still), they focus the viewer on a finite moment that is perhaps not particularly telling during the film, it reframes the image, sometimes within a different format, but always cropping something away from the original. I don’t see these as entertainment, but as questions... Is this enough? I don’t know, so will they continue...? I don’t know. Ultimately, I don’t know if they’re interesting enough to continue either.

I did see this on twitter though. Does it make a difference?
Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 21.50.35BxsbCLJCUAEQQSt.jpg-large

I will be sure to post something after the tutorial, I believe doing so will be mandated.
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