Take 2 Influences : first thoughts

We’ve not to overthink this exercise, so these first thoughts are necessarily brief. They are necessary though.

Inspirations... we have to take 2 of them. I’ve been thinking about this, and whilst I have many influences, I’m not 100% sure what I would consider to be a major one, an obvious one to choose. I’m probably a little schizophrenic, picking little bits from everything and mixing them together. I have decided to take something from
Daido though, use him as an influence. Not necessarily in terms of his are, bure, boke aesthetic from the late ’60’s, but more from his freewheeling approach, his surrealism.

© Daido Moriyama (from
Menu, curated by Rob™)

The other one... I’m thinking of being vague in a grand way, picking on modern culture. I have an idea, something that has echoes from Langlands and Bell.
Pasted Graphic
© Langlands & Bell

Yeah, all very vague but I have the beginnings of a cadre to work with. I’ll see how it goes as I play...

Oh, who am I trying to kid - I’ve got no idea what I’ll be doing yet.

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