Take 2 Influences : Single Image Lyrics

Not really much to say at this juncture, other than a brief explanation - in an earlier post I included some images from Some Unholy War with a full set of lyrics from a couple of songs. The images were wrong, and the lyrics were too much so here’s a few others with a shorter set - a line or a verse, all on the same image (in reality I would use others, but this is just a trial).
Harmonic Generator, by The Datsuns

harmonic generator
Hurricane Fighter Plane, by Alien Sex Fiend
hurricane fighter plane
Little Fluffy Clouds, by The Orb
little fluffy clouds

White text tends to work better for me, personal choice really - more could be read into the use of the red text (blood for example). Use of lyrics... I don’t know. All these can have some relevance extrapolated from them, rather than being completely random - push the button could be the trigger, Hurricane is obvious (a British WWII fighter plane if you don’t know) and then the skies.

Maybe, we will see...

(images used for educational purposes)

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