Introduction to Professional Practice

A first introduction to Professional Practice, covering much less time than the allotted hour. What is meant by “Professional Practice”? Well, it seems pretty much everything, which is fine - I would hate it to be a very specific list of things relating to being a working professional in the normal sense of the word as this would probably be of less interest. Art is unlikely to make up the bulk of my income any time soon. Whilst Caroline was talking, I was busy writing down bullet points, which is all I will present here - bullet points that will undoubtedly become more rounded and meaningful in due course as we explore and discuss topics:
  • The world of Art
  • How do we present our art outside the studio
  • Finding a place we are comfortable with in the Art World
  • Looking at other artists
  • Witnessing and questioning curatorial practice
  • Engage within our field of art
  • Awareness of the Art World (chosen field and wider)
  • Connecting with local and wider groups
  • Consideration of our audience

All this will come to head in a PPP at some point too, which then forms part of the end of year submission. A growing account of how we see ourselves as artists within the Art World.
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