A bit of a diversion, something I had been considering as a possible project but I decided there wasn’t enough in it to be the final project. Appropriation of another idea, this time it’s Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup tins. I had wanted to do the full 32 tins of Campbell’s soup, but there’s only half a dozen or so that are available in the UK so I moved over to something a bit more personal; tomato soup is the flavour I eat 99% of the time, to it seemed completely appropriate. A typology of tomato soup tins so tying into my interest in that mode of working, and it’s nodding towards the work of Warhol and my chosen essay subject of appropriation in photography.

It’s only 16 tins at the moment, there
might be enough own brand tomato soup tins to take it to the “magic” 32. Do I bother? Perhaps I should, but then I’d have to leave the setup or rephotograph them all in order to be “the same”. Once set up, I suppose they don’t take long to do though, once set up. More tins would then allow there to be more space between the Heinz, allowing them to appear more “random”. And of course, these would need to be printed and framed individually and presented in an 8 x 4 grid…

Something to think about.

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