T4 : The Diesel Process

The process of soaking my prints in diesel is now pretty much finished, but as has been suggested, I’ve recorded the process. It’s really quite straight forward – I put prints in a baking tray with diesel for a week, letting them soak. Longer might be better, it might be though, I’ve not really got time to truly experiment during the exploratory project. Not if I’m to get something that’s “finished”, which I know isn’t absolutely essential, but I want to get something finished. It doesn’t sit well with me not to do so. After soaking in the diesel, I’ve been soaking them in a washing detergent solution with the aim of removing some of the traces of the fuel. I’ve no idea whether this actually works, but is based on the fact I know that some decorators using the detergent to remove traces of white spirit from their brushes after using oil-based paints. Then they are put to dry for a few days.

diesel soak
Beeline, Holbrook in the old baking tray

detergent soak
Soaking in the detergent

diesel detail

detergent detail

The tray is an old rusting one, well past its best, and as a result of this, some of the images are beginning to exhibit small spots of discolouring which adds some further randomness and interest. AS the images dry, they begin to exhibit the speckling – they’re just wet and translucent beforehand. Of course, if viewed against a dark background, they actually don’t look that different from when they’re unprocessed.

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