A chat with Máire

As part of working through Task 2, we're having small group hangouts; a chance to chat about what we're up to in a little more details than we perhaps would in the normal hangouts. There's only 3 people's work to discuss, so it's more focussed. I say 3, but this first hangout was only 2, me and Máire as Ines had lost Internet connectivity. So, we had plenty of opportunity to talk around what we were doing. We opened up a shared document and simply dropped images into it so we could see what we had been up to - a simple and effective way of looking at the work. We also briefly chatted about the previous Monday's hangout as Máire had missed it, specifically about the autobiographical nature of our work, Louise Bourgeois and how too much information might close off a way of reading the work from the viewer.

Looking at my work, I posted a few images of the work in progress so far, and I gave a brief description of what I was doing, in terms of both physical and thought processes. The response came back that I was being "brave" due to the nature of the appropriation. I'll worry about that when the time comes I think, otherwise I will freeze...

The images I posted were:

Day of the Rangers, 1993
Image: Black Hawk Down
Lyric: Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen

The Battle of Warsaw, 1920
Image: The Battle of Warsaw
Lyric: Saturday Night's Alright, by Elton John

Haditha Massacre, 2005
Image: Battle for Haditha
Lyric: Books from Boxes, by Maximo Park

The Battle of Warsaw, 1920

(images used for educational purposes)

The last image was just intended as something a little different, perhaps a bit closer to being "traditional" reportage type photography. Something for another day though.

Máire also spoke briefly of the start of her own work, which incorporated a sugan chair as the basis for the work. Things were still in the early days of the process she would be carrying out, so we talked more about the idea and the background. There will be more to discuss next week when hopefully Ines will join us too...

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