[( 6 )] : The blurb

As I've produced each body of work, I've written statements for them, so these acted as the starting points for the blurb that will be used in the exhibition. I've also used the bio from my main website as the starting point too - little tweaks have been made, which have sometime been fed into the other works. It's all too easy to keep on refining things over and over, with the danger that the original thoughts become muddied. Hopefully this hasn't happened here though.

With the bio and statement largely in hand, thoughts turned to publicity. I'm really grateful to Dewald for pulling together the website but before we could do that, we had to decide on a name. E-mails were pinging back and forth with various names on - I favoured something abstract like "Show" (which also, rather selfishly, fitted in with my current habit of naming everything after songs, or in this case an album), whilst others wanted something more descriptive. We finally settled on 6 : Personal Explorations in Photography as there was 6 of us, and all the projects are quite personal to us... As for a logo, I asked the graphics guys for help, but none was forthcoming (maybe because I asked for a freebie), so I did the basics myself and came up with [( 6 )], with the textual elements intending to represent a camera. Whether people pick up on that, I've no idea, but it's what I see.

[( 6 )] website uses the weebly engine, and is pretty straightforward, but clean and to the point. I like it. We opted for three images each as any more might actually mean that there's not really any point in seeing the exhibition, it would all have been seen already (although, to be fair, if you know us, you've seen them anyway). Dewald also pulled together the header image that's being used in the marketing.


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