Something a little different

A few weeks in France should be relaxing, but with a pile of books packed for the Christmas break this wasn't going to be feet up in front of the fire with a glass of beer and taking it easy. Well, ok there was a fire (and I was throwing logs on there like nobody's business, it almost felt like K-foundation's burning of £1m...). There was also some reading: there was Postmodernism: A Very Short Introduction (Christopher Butler), War isn't Hell, it's Entertainment (Schubart, Virchow, White-Stanley and Thomas) and Appropriation (David Evans). I've got various post-it notes and highlighted sections and scribbled annotations to make sense of before I begin to write anything to show what it meant to me.

Anyway, I also managed a walk, and I took my camera. Doing something different from the war films has been a little bit like therapy. I've not had to try and work out why I was taking the photographs, I just did it. They're not even particularly in a style I'm accustomed to, but there we go - something different. Something to step back from the other work and allow it to develop at the back of my mind, sub-consciously if you like.

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Col du Trédudon

I did come home and write up my notes on the Neo Avant-Garde though...

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