Papergirl Blackburn

About a week ago I received an e-mail from ACE Nelson about a community mixed arts project in my area called Papergirl Blackburn, part of the Blackburn is Open initiative. The idea has come over from Germany where there was some legislation introduced about displaying arts in the streets so an idea was born to hand the art to people instead. I don’t know the nitty-gritty of the back story, but basically the art is distributed free of charge, loosely rolled like a newspaper might be. Or something like that. I kind of like the idea, although of course it will never make an artist rich (or even afford the beans to go on the toast) to give work away, but there is always the possibility people will see the work that might not otherwise see it, and who know where that might go?

Speak My Language was originally printed as a (roughly) A3 newsprint book, and A3 is the size of the work requested it seemed to be an obvious choice to submit. Unfortunately the newspaper was snagging in my printer this time, so it’s now on a thicker inkjet paper stock. A compromise, but this wasn’t a project I was willing to sacrifice hundreds of pounds worth of printer for...

The prints are ready now, packaged up ready for posting before the deadline, so that’s a done deal.

The work will be exhibited in November for 10 days prior to distribution at the St John’s Centre in Blackburn, I’ll try and get in to see what’s on show, but there’s no guarantee with that.

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