T4 : mixed feelings with transience

It seems the interestingness in the diesel-soaked prints is short lived. At the least it is transient, and the patterning changes over time. I knew this anyway, as the photographs are translucent when they come out of the fuel, with the pattern appearing after a couple of days of drying. They just don't seem to stop though...

This is what the Shell, Dagger photograph looked like after maybe a week to 10 days after it came out of the diesel bath:

Shell Daggett Diesel
Shell, Daggett, California [July 2012] + 1 week

And this is what it looks like another two weeks later:

untitled (43 of 46)
Shell, Daggett, California [July 2012] + 3 weeks

The photographs have been taken with different cameras and with different light sources, so there will be a slight difference in colour temperature (I've not bothered "normalising" them), but it's more the size and style of the grain that causes me the issue. In another 2 weeks, will the trace of the diesel have gone? Is the conceptual impact that transient? It seems so, which would then indicate that the light-box mode of display might be somewhat meaningless - if the pattern has gone, what's the point? It seems that the object might then need to be the photograph of the print after about a week after being in the diesel bath. This would close the light box avenue, but open others, albeit possibly weaker ones. And yes, the transience of the effect possibly overshadows the transience of the gasoline stations, at least in terms of what I was hopping for.

So yes, this is something of a disappointment, one I hope to work around in the short term by putting the prints back in the diesel for a couple of days and then photographing them all again when the mottle is more interesting. And yes, this was an exploration, an experiment into trying something more divorced from my "normal" image making. It's not really paid dividends, but at least now I know. I'm not ready to go full "Daisuke Yokota" just yet, so I expect a return to normality. That said, I do like some of what he is doing. I'll post a link soon.

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