T4 : 25 of 26 Gasoline Stations (part 2 of 5)

Mobil, Williams, Arizona
There seems to have been three Mobil stations on Route 66 in Williams over the years. Ian Walker talks of one at the entrance to the town from the west, next to a Chevron that he photographed for his essay 
A kind of “huh?”: the siting of Twenty-six Gasoline Stations (1962). There’s also another that is now a car themed restaurant on the corner of W Railroad Ave and 3rd (you can still see the old building there in amongst the new). The one Ruscha photographed is apparently on the site of what is now the police station though. Nasty burnt out clouds in the GSV here…

Mobil, Williams, Arizona [Sep 2011]

Standard, Williams, Arizona
Möll has shown the location of the second of Williams’ gas stations as being a Mexican restaurant, the Road to Ruscha project the same (have they just used his research?) There are little niggles with this one for me, the buildings in the background have changed as well, although this can’t be seen in my view use to where I’ve selected. Having said that, if one building changes, then why shouldn’t the next? The “closure” of the 66 meant that Williams has changed it’s source of income form the road and the traffic that used to pass through (according to some random “fact” on the Internet, 1m trucks/year would pass though) to tourism, so more restaurants, gift shops and hotels are needed… It does look like another repurposed gas station in its place though.

Standard, Williams, Arizona [Sep 2011]

Texaco, Jackrabbit, Arizona
The Jackrabbit Trading Post is still there and still in use, however the GSV car has not passed by it from the old Route 66 road it’s tied on. It’s only possible to view the back of the building form the I40 that passes behind it. It’s possible to see the old jackrabbit sign though, so it’s clearly the right place. It’s one of the drawbacks (together with the burnt out clouds, less than ideal contrast, compositions, etc.) of working with images being made available by someone else though (i.e. Google).

Texaco, Jackrabbit, Arizona [Oct 2011]

El Paso, Wilmslow, Arizona
Another one that has been taken down and built over, this time it was the building in the background that makes it clear it’s the right place – the satisfaction of seeing this is quite something, makes the forensic search through the street corners (in this instance) of a town quite rewarding. Things like this also mean I’m looking more closely at both the Ruscha image and the GSV, it puts me in mind of the analysis being made by Errol Morris in his 
Believing is Seeing book.

El Paso, Winslow, Arizona [Sep 2011]

Beeline Gas, Holbrook, Arizona
Another that I only located because of the work of the Road to Ruscha group who photographed some of the surroundings, referencing the Sandman Motel just over the road from here.

Beeline, Holbrook, Arizona [Oct 2011]

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