An essay title

OK, so the provisional essay title is To photograph is to appropriate the thing photographed. It's a quote from Susan Sontag's On Photography (from page 4) and it seems pretty relevant since I'm planning to be looking at appropriation, and photography. I've been toying with appropriation with the series of "film stills" I was working with in Tasks 1 and 2, something I wanted to take further but now feel that discretion is the better course following a couple of instances that have made the news in recent months (the Top Gun incident, Luc Tuyman's painting and Blurred Lines, amongst others). Of course, the likes of Richard Prince and Jeff Koons will likely get a mention too, although my approach will be more from a photography perspective (both appropriate photographs though), and I plan to bring in elements of visual culture too. I was also considering bringing in something about "Pop" sensibilities and the mundane but to be honest, it's only 2000 words so I think this would be too much.

Principal reference material will be drawn from a book of essays and interviews called
Appropriation edited by David Evans, but there will also be something from Sontag, Barthes and the rest of the "visual culture" crowd where they are necessary:
Evans, D (ed) (2009). 
Appropriation. London. Whitechapel Gallery.
Sontag, S (1977) 
On Photography. London. Penguin Books.
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