Tutorial - CW 22 Sep 14

Luckily, my Internet connection had recovered sufficiently to allow the tutorial with Caroline to take place, although the received video quality was pretty fuzzy. Still, we managed to communicate, which is the main thing.

Half an hour isn’t a long time, although it is sufficient. We managed to talk briefly about Task 1, but in more detail about
Some Unholy War and the work I have planned going forward, all of which is related to representations of conflict. A few names came up - David Cotterrell was the first, who was allowed to go out to Iraq/Afghanistan, although his view of what was there will have been very sanitised - the days of the “wild” war journos has been and gone as the government/military have recognised the power of the media, with reporters now embedded in units rather than free to go where they want. I mentioned Broomberg and Chenerin in return, with their piece The Day Nobody Died which is a very alternative take! Steve McQueen may be better known for films such as 12 Years a Slave, but he has also received the Turner Prize (1999) and produced a body of work called Queen and Country commemorating soldiers killed in the war in Iraq.

Steve McQueen,
Queen and Country (2007-2010)

The report has been posted, and now there’s reading to do, photographs to take and preparations to be made for next week’s tutorial with Angela...

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