Task 2 : F3 - further playing, fracturing, reforming and reframing

During the making day discussions, a couple of things were said. One was about the font and positioning of the text and the other was about a stated preference for the black and white image. Well, I’ve done some playing with one of the images from Battle of Warsaw 1920, mixing it with a line from Peace Frog by The Doors. The actual lyric is fairly inconsequential as I have approached this as a simple exercise in comparing a few options.

The baseline image, keeping in with my previous layout decisions would be this:

Film: The Battle of Warsaw
Lyric: Peace Frog, by The Doors

The following are a few alternatives:


And then the same with a grainy black and white film preset applied:


(images used for educational purposes)

I really don’t like those with the offset text, it begins to feel like an advertising slogan. Whilst this might have some relevance (I’m looking at commodification of war/war as entertainment ideas), it just doesn’t feel right for me at this moment. Maybe it will begin to sit easier, but I can’t help but think it’s “wrong”. I’ll not dismiss it for the moment – maybe it would be a good question to through into the group when we have to present the images? I’m not so keen on the text that changes tone either (the last one in both the colour and mono sequences). Again, it might grow on me, and the colour one seems better of the two for some reason. The central text (large or small) is ok. It still feels reasonably balanced and to be honest, I don’t have any strong disliking for it, but I do prefer the lower one as it feels more balanced, or maybe that should be better balanced. The boxed text versions may be something to pursue further, there’s something I like about them. I don’t feel strongly in favour of the red or black text at the moment though.

The fonts I’ve used are Helvetica, Courier and Andale Mono. I know there are many more to choose from, and that Courier and Andale Mono are similar (Courier allows a bold option though and is a bit more typewriter-y). My mind can flit around on fonts from one day to the next, so whilst Andale Mono was the one I was using, this will undoubtedly change at some point before everything is finalised.

Colour or black & white is a bigger question. It’s probably not one I can answer fully either. I have a strong attraction to grainy black and white, to the Provoke type aesthetic that it suggests, but I can’t help but feel that I should be working in colour. Or rather, why 
should I work in black & white – it’s not down to the film stock because this is digital work. It does offer an additional level of abstraction from the original (fracture?), and certainly this particular image feels “darker”, and I mean this in terms of mood rather than palette. But is it “right”? I really don’t know for the moment.

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