Website Update

Following some feedback from Lisa Barnard, I took my website offline and stopped any activity in terms of the PPP that might drive people there. During that time I’ve had a rethink, a restructuring and a redesign and it’s now back live at the existing URL –

So, what’s changed? Well, I decided to remove the essay section and the blog – I hadn’t updated the blog for a while anyway. I’ve re-structured the photo gallery too, from one of everything to two different ones. At the moment, they’re imaginatively called Gallery 1 and Gallery 2, although this will undoubtedly change in due course as I do think of something more imaginative. They serve the purpose of separating the “road trip” projects from the “everything else” projects.

I need to add a newsletter signup form (the one that is supposed to be included doesn’t seem to “pop-up”, but that will likely be because I have a pop-up blocker (I forgot about that – d’oh!), I might add resumé section when there is something worthwhile to put in there (it’s a bit thin at the moment). Then maybe a print sales section, or a bookshop. Other stuff can be put in when I think about it.

Hopefully it all makes sense and flows cleanly. It feels like a step in the right direction if nothing else.
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