Writing workshop

It’s a small room, an office, a home office. Filled with the desks, computers, printers, books and assorted paraphernalia of study, trying to be an artist and running a business. In the midst of this I sit, typing, looking intently at the large screen with my back to the door. There’s a wall of photo-books to my right and front (some of which are prized possessions) and a window to my left. The window often lets in too much light, which causes reflection problems on the screen, but not now on a cold winter’s evening.

It’s time for a coffee.

100 words on my environment, from the hangout on writing. I had lumpy Internet and there were server issues, so it was frustrating as I kept on coming in and out, but there we go. To add to the growing pile of things I have to get moving on, there's an essay to write, which will be somehow based on the
Mapping the Territory thing, support my work and probably anchor in to the P3 too. I need to get moving, need to get motivated and need to actually do something visually creative at some point.

Still, we have a week off next week. So there's time to do the reading we have to do for the week after... Oh, did I mention the P3 is due at the same time?
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