T4 : 25 of 26 Gasoline Stations (part 3 of 5)

Flying A, Kingman, Arizona
Not a lot remains of Flying A... although it has kept to its car related heritage.

Flying A, Kingman, Arizona [May 2009]


Dixie, Lupton, Arizona
There's an Indian tourist spot at Lupton, but the old petrol station is apparently empty and not in good shape. It can't be seen on GSV though. I've found where it should be (the profile of the rock formations the same), but if you go along the old road, I can only assume it's very dusty as this is what is seen...


However, rather than running with this as the available imagery, I moved the few metres back to the newer I40 to get this - nothing to see in terms of the station, but that's part of the fascination with working this way,

Dixie, Lupton, Arizona [Oct 2013]


Rimmy Jim's Chevron, Jimmy Jims's, Arizona
Rimmy Jim's Chevron burnt down back in the late 60s (see
here), whether this has anything to do with the "Mother Road" being replaced I've no idea (my suspicious mind tends to think it might). It was't rebuilt though, what was the point? I think this will be the place.

Rimmy Jim's, Arizona [Oct 2011]

Self-Service, Milan, New Mexico
Now a car park for the Family Dollar store...

Self-Service, Milan, New Mexico [Apr 2009]

Conoco, Albuquerque, New Mexico
From petrol station to restaurant to empty.

Conoco, Albuquerque, New Mexico [May 2014]


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