Listening @ The Bluecoat

The current exhibitions at The Bluecoat in Liverpool go by the name of "Listening". Having had both eardrums rebuilt (one 20 years ago, the other 6 months due to a tissue eating infection), I entered with a certain amount of trepidation. I can't hear all frequencies of sound, and the stereo balance isn't perhaps what it should be, but I do like music so I thought it might be worth a punt, and Laurie Anderson appears on the list of exhibitors. However, it didn't really work for me, probably for the obvious reasons. Yeah, I liked Mikhail Karikis' SeaWomen, perhaps as this wasn't so subtle (a video accompanied by sounds of the sea and the Haenyeo making their distinctive shrieking noise), but some of the other things... I found Imogen Stidwokrthy's The Whisper Heard a little uncomfortable to experience - disorienting and confusing, probably because of the projected sounds end up where I don't expect them, either by design or through my hearing, I'm not sure which.

Still, at least I know not to expect too much from this type of thing in future, and the trip to Liverpool was actually for Marc Feustel's talk on Japanese photography at the Open Eye Gallery...
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