Task 2 : F3

Form, frame and fracture. Or frame, fracture and form. Or Fracture, frame, form... or whatever.

3 words to somehow influence what I'll be doing for a little while. What do they mean, and more importantly what will they mean to me and my work? I think I'm going to have to be conceptual with this, I'm a photographer and therefore not going to do anything clever with the media - the media is photography, end of discussion. Or is it? Is the "media" a discussion about what I make or the subject that I make from? Is "form" something to do with shape, or being a criminal with a rap sheet? Has that criminal been framed, or is their image in a frame? Or whatever. Words are but signifiers of a signified, and they aren't always too precise. Words have many meanings, so do images. And sounds, smells or pretty much anything. So what "concept" do the signifiers
form for us (there's that word again)?

I'm not going to list all the different meanings of the words, there's online dictionaries to do that. I've already decided what I'm going to set off doing in terms of this task, continuing along the same rough vein of enquiry as with Task 1, but with a small difference. I'm going to:

Take a series of 
frames from a donor piece and re-form them as a single image. Then I will look to add a textual element from songs to fracture the original material by taking it out of the original context, one of the entertainment song / war film and make it something else.

Will it work? I've absolutely no idea, but I'll be spending some time to find out over the coming weeks...
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