Art Map

After reading the first chapter of Stories of Art, we’ve been asked to create an “art map”. I suppose the expected way of doing this might be something abstract, as per the examples in the book (see below), but I figured I’m far to “logical” to do that, so have opted for something else.

Stories of Art
Plate 1: The history of art imagined as a field of stars (J Elkins)

Instead of this, and I might be going off on one here, I’ve done a caricature of the world, with bits that mean more to me bigger in size, and a few photographers and artists listed on there. Obviously, I like my Japanese photography, so that features larger. I like Surrealism, both in terms of painting and photography, so that’s there. Dusseldorf school – check. And American colour photography… Yep, present and correct. Nothing from Italy? Not really, although of course there will be things that resonate with me from that neck of the woods. China? Nobody jumped out at me…


Now, in terms of putting names in places, I know there are a couple of anomalies, but this is where there work is made, or at least what they’re better known for… i know it’s not great, but it’s something we can maybe launch a discussion from and I might update it later.
Elkins, J (2002)
Stories of Art. New York. Routledge (MA1)

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