Tutorial - AR 29 Sep 14

Ok, I’m going to state all this in the opposite order as to what happened because the tutorial ended with a discussion about my being on the brink of dropping out of the MA. The reasons are all hard to voice, not because I think they’re personal and I want to keep them private, but because I’m not 100% sure of the reasons. One will I guess come from the fact that I’d much rather be dong a Photography MA, not Fine Art. Whilst I do consider myself to be an “artist”, that’s more because I don’t consider myself to be a social documentary photographer, or a fashion photographer, or a portrait photographer. “Artist” feels like it’s all that’s left. I’ll be honest, the Interactive Design Institute Photography MA doesn’t appeal (anyone from education that promotes colour popping on their website should be banned from any form of education, or even photography for that matter). Yes there are perhaps other options... but I am where I am at the moment. I’ve voiced concerns in the past, and I still have those concerns. Is this the right vehicle for me in terms of attaining an MA? It’s different from things I’ve done before in distance learning, something that I’m not unfamiliar with (I have a distance learning BA with OCA, and a distance learning BSc with OU, I even studied it as a subject in itself at one point). I’m not necessarily saying that these differences are good or bad, just that they’re differences and not what I was expecting. Maybe it’s my expectations that are part of the problem? I expected to give a proposal on what I would do and then go off and do it, but that’s not really happened yet. I expected to be able to be creative in my choice of presentation styles, but this is being questioned (I will say now that I will resist Wordpress for as long as I continue to blog). Some of the course elements are not what I would expect. I don’t expect to be able to contribute much in terms of the “making days”, not if I were to go out on a shoot anyway - a medium format camera and mobile internet are not good bedfellows. I don’t really expect to be making random things if they’re not on my “agenda” either - time and my capacity will collude to prevent this anyway. Yes, there’s a mix of things going on that have me in turmoil, which is strange, because whenever I speak to Angela or Caroline, the doubts fade to an extent, but only to return a little later. The fact that I’m even writing this now is indeed positive and would indicate that the doubts have receded a small distance. I have however contacted Lee in the OCA office (although still waiting for a response) and drafted a couple of notification e-mails. Nothing can be taken for granted yet.

This conversation took place at the end of the tutorial time as I did not want it to take up the lions share of the discussion, which it undoubtedly would have done if mentioned first.

Back to the first section of the tutorial then...

Well, that went ok, there was some comment on not being able to see all the detail of the
A Forest image in the Google presentation, which is kind of understandable. I suppose some of it depends on what you’re viewing it on. I could see it, but I also knew it was there.

In discussing the current work, WIllie Doherty was mentioned. I’m not sure if I’ve seen his work before, it sort of rings a bell, but....

Other than that, I suppose I will have to fill in my tutorial report form. If I can actually make head or tail of the scribbled notes I made.
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