Kicking things off with [( 6 )]

I know, I know. I’ve not formally started the MA yet but here I am banging some notes down in a blog. Well, I figured that doing so would be relevant and beneficial in this case, because it’s all to do with putting on an exhibition.

Earlier this year, I put out a call to see if anyone was interested in putting something on the Source website and grabbing some exhibition space to show our wares to the public. Five others rallied to the exhibition call (well, 4 at first, one came later and another one to Source), and so the six of us had to sort out an exhibition, this entry will merely set the scene, and the following posts will cover off some of the things I’ve been up to in order to pull it all off (others have done stuff too, don’t get me wrong on that - I’m just really blogging about what I’ve done).

So, a bunch of people, some photographs and where do we go from there?

Well, I suppose the first thing is the space, and from there we can decide how many, which and whatnot. A big space means big costs, both in terms of hiring it and filling it with prints.

There’s also the artist bios and the statements, which are needed up front as you often need to provide a proposal (I suppose this isn’t necessary for everywhere)

Publicity is a beast all by itself, where and how to promote. Private views to arrange and all that stuff.

Printing and then installing....

Stressing the PV, people are going to want to talk about the work! Actually, it will be worse if people DON’T want to talk about the work, but still, talking about the work is a big thing.

Oh, what am I thinking?!?
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