Venus in Furs (the beginning)

I’ve been insanely busy recently, to the point that I’ve not produced any work for some time. A weekend in Paris with a couple of photographer friends was an ideal opportunity to remedy this. So, I went with an idea to shoot using my iPhone, in a vertical format (95% of my other work will be horizontal) and to let the weekend dictate where it ends up. I did just this, in-between going to a number of galleries and such like, and now have a pile of images that I need to do something with, a couple of them are below:




Over the coming weeks (months?) I will be working these images, pairing them up into something that works. I’m also planning to intersperse short descriptive events within the images, things that I didn’t (or sometimes couldn’t) photograph. I found the website some time ago, and think that something like this might be interesting...

Time will tell if it works.

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