Following hot on the heels of my submission to the Guernsey Photography Festival, I saw a call for part of the Fringe Arts Bath Festival titled On Photocopy. The submissions, naturally, need to be of a photocopied nature, and this is something I've been considering for one of my earlier pieces, Speak My Language. Photocopies might seem like an odd choice, especially amidst the current vogue of large, exacting prints (I'm thinking the likes of Gursky and Struth here) but I like it. It has a sort of underground feel (old zines come to mind) and it would be a fairly natural progression from my original mode of presentation for SML which was newspaper print. I produced two different newspaper versions for the piece, one was a tabloid style newspaper, printed by The Newspaper Club, whilst the other was printed at home using inkjet printing on recycled newspaper and fabricated into a leporello book (a mock-up dummy of which was included in APhF:15). It is this version I'd been considering progressing to a photocopy on demand version.
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