TYB: Something for the media?

Whilst TYB is essentially a short time project (circa four months from initial presentation to getting the work out there), is there any real point doing things unless there are people to see it? And if not, how to get them to go and find it?

My TYB is spread across a region, on the notice boards in and around various village mairies in Brittany. Yes, by being on a community notice board, there will be people seeing it as they head over to the mairie for whatever it is they’re going for, as they head across the village square to the boulangerie or whatever it is that they’ll be doing. I do like this somewhat random aspect to the exhibition, the step away from the gallery and bringing it to the public. But, it would be nice if people took the time to see more than one of the images, even though it is possible (probable) that I won’t get to know that they have.

So something for the media - my wife thinks it should be print, online, radio and social. I tend to think not the radio but anything else would be good. I’ve already managed to get Central Brittany Journal to commit, so what else?

There’s the tourist information office - I’m thinking maybe an A4 poster for here.

The local press (in French) - there are a small number of newspapers it might be worth approaching with a press release. Breizh Info, Brud Nevez, L’hebdo du Finistere, Le Poher and Le Télégramme. But what to put out to them? What follows is a starter for 10:

Le loup, le renard et la belette
is an exhibition of photographs of Brittany by the artist Rob™. However, there is a difference to what might normally be expected: instead of being held in a single gallery location, the photographs are being displayed on the Mairie’s notice boards across the central Finistère region, making them available to everyone to see, inviting the viewer to travel to further locations to experience the fuller exhibition, thus experiencing more of Finistère in the process.

The exhibition will start around the 4th April 2016, and will remain in situ for varying periods, depending on the local Mairie.

The photographs themselves do not aim to glorify or condemn, merely to record and to present what can be seen in Finistère. They hope to capture something of the life, beauty, solace and the fortitude of the region, whilst not brushing over the hardship and the conflict that life there can undoubtedly contain. A theme that recurs through this and other projects is what has been termed the “mundane” or "neutral"; those everyday things we fail to notice until someone makes an image and we are asked to stop and consider them: “Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.” (Paul Klee). The exhibition therefore aims to make Finistère “visible”; a chance to stop and contemplate.


The following Mairie’s offices will feature a photograph from the exhibition:
​ Brasparts
​ Kergloff

Rob™ is a photographic artist living in the rural North-West of England whilst spending regular periods in Central Finistère.

After leaving school, he studied graphic design before moving into a career in engineering, initially as a designer and subsequently as a certification specialist. A number of years ago, he picked up a camera again in order to break away from the rigid constraints and structure of the technical and back into something more creative.

His aim is to record the journey, the road trip, getting from A to B geographically, temporally or metaphorically, and the things he sees whilst on that journey, using whichever style of image making seems right at the time. Occasionally he even tries different things.

His work has been exhibited around the world, and is held in both public and private collections.”

It’ll have to be in French of course.
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