TYB: Final Locations and other news


Two weeks to go before I head off to France to distribute the photographs to the mairies and it’s now confirmed I have 10 locations to put the work. I originally tried to get 15 involved, so I don’t think a 66% hit rate is bad at all - some have been harder work than others to bring on board, granted, but 66% is good I feel. And 10 is a nice round number.

One of those that turned me down has another event on at the same time and will be using the notice board space to promote that, but they have said there is a possibility of putting something up in the adjacent mediathèque but we won’t know until the beginning of April. Another has been impossible to get hold of, the other three simply not interested for whatever reason.

Having the locations finalised (ignoring the possible prospect of adding Pleyber-Christ via the mediathèque option), I’ve now been able to finalise the press release and will be sending that out. Initial probings into getting media coverage have raised some potentially very positive opportunities, although actually quite terrifying. My boundaries will be tested to the limit by the potential coverage in the newspapers (Le Poher are talking of sending a reporter/photographer over on the 5th April), there’s a radio segment (my wife will be covering this on my behalf for ease...) and even (GULP) some TV coverage on the local network. One contact has been particularly positive sounding as she is a photographer graduate from Paris, and this has piqued her interest. I’ve also been promised an entry in the English language Central Brittany Journal for April.

None of this media coverage is finalised, stemming from some phone calls made by my wife over the last couple of days. All sounding really exciting though!
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