Le Loup... continues

The tutorial with Joanna Lowry was late (all my fault - TYB in France, then no Internet, etc.) but it was great. She said I made some great formal compositions, so my ego was stroked. That's largely insignificant though as we went on to discuss where the project might end up, and from that it can be deduced it''s not finished yet.

Part of the tutorial spoke of what the story might be, the photographs have a feel of an empty film set, waiting for a story to be told. In the last tutorial she had advised doing more research into local events, local history and she was pushing this. I have done some research though, and pulled the name of Sebastien Le Balp out of the bag. Le Balp led a revolution in 1675, taking the Bonnets Rouges on to victory in Lower Brittany before being killed by a prisoner. It's this spirit of revolt that I've been trying to capture in one thread of the photographs - the burned out car, the graffiti, even the empty bottles...

So, next year I plan to bring this more to the fore somehow. I don't like being too direct, but if I can find a way to lift it... It might even be by including other objects. Extracts from memoirs, photos of old paintings, or similar. I don't know what there is available on that level just yet, so I'll have to do some further research and it will therefore run into next year.
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