TYB : a rather hectic week in France

Well, as I write this it's early Friday evening (or late afternoon if you prefer), the log fire is burning (it's a little too chill here in Brittany for it not to be) and I've still not finished getting around the various sites again to document the images presence.

As I mentioned the other day, all the images are out there with the mairies, but I will be photographing the last two in situ tomorrow. My wife had the idea of taking a photograph with a representative of all the mairies offices in front of the photograph, and most have accepted for this to take place. Today it was the turn of Brasparts (up on the day we delivered it, but no representative available), Huelgoat and Motreff. Even though both had received the photograph on Monday, these latter two put them up today just before the documentation photograph with their representative - would it have happened at all if we hadn't insisted on such a record being made? Possibly, but I do wonder...


Tomorrow is the turn of my local Plouyé and Pleyber-Christ, one wasn't up yesterday, the other we've been assured is up in the mediatheque. Only Carhaix has declined to have such a photograph taken, not sure why. Certainly the maire has today announced his candidature for the next presidential elections (2017), the news of which is jeopardising my chance of making an appearance in the newspaper Ouest-France (they have more newsworthy things to consider now). Still, I made it into 2 of them, and I have posters scattered across the region, even one on the door of the Huelgoat notaire's office and the Carhaix cultural centre. If the exhibition doesn't reach its audience, it's not for the lack of trying!

untitled (66 of 142)
(Poster in the window of Ouest-France - right of door, top right of group of 4)

untitled (67 of 142)
(Poster in the window of Le Poher - third from right)

untitled (52 of 142)
(photoshoot with a top model and a photographer from Le Poher)

(top model in front of photograph in Carhaix - from Le Poher)

Having said that, it is reaching "an" audience. Figures for the website (visitors and page views) have gone up, and there are spikes that correspond to announcements being made (newsletter, newspaper articles, etc.), and whilst the viewing figures aren't gargantuan, they're pleasing, with over 2150 views so far since I set it up (first spike being a request for feedback), and several hundred this week...

Viewing Figures (from Weebly dashboard)

I guess many of these will be people I know, but I'm hoping that it will reach others - appearing in the newspaper, posters in various areas, mentions in community newsletters... Yes, I'm hoping the audience will be expanded. I've not received any feedback yet though - I guess some people might be worried about being the first? Much like life here in Finistère, it can be a long hard slog rather than a sprint, so I will have to play a waiting game I guess.

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