TYB : Too "English"...

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 20.12.08

“Effectivement Rob a un fort accent anglais. Je pense qu’il serait mieux que ce soit vous, Lory, qui preniez la parole à l’antenne.”

It seems my French is too “English” for the radio... And with that news I breathe a huge sigh of relief as it will be my wife (Lory) who will be giving a 2-minute soundbite to regional Breton radio station RMN FM to promote the upcoming exhibition in Brittany in their cultural segment. Of course, I’ll have to tell her what she has to say.

In addition to the above, I’ve to send some stuff over to the regional newspaper Hebdo du Finistère for inclusion, including an image from the show and a photograph of me. Ha, I’m a photographer, I don’t have images of me...!

I’ve also got the photo call with Le Poher for a piece and have to get in touch with Le Telegramme when we arrive there.

That week is going to be crazy busy!
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