TYB : a bit of an update...

It’s all been quiet with TYB for a couple of weeks - I’ve turned my attention elsewhere, the essay and the PPP for example (in terms of the course). However, things are inching inexorably onwards - a little frustrating when I sit down and pause to think about it, but it is moving on.

There are still only four confirmed mairies taking part, with another one looking probable (they’ve asked to see what photograph they would be hosting). I’m hoping a few phone calls next week will improve the situation and get me nearer to the hoped for 10 or 12 taking part.

I’ve also had an English speaking ex-pats magazine, the Central Brittany Journal, confirm they will run a little something on the exhibition in their April issue. I’ll send something off to the French media soon in the hope they can include something. I’ll also have to start hitting the social media a bit more!LeLoup-4
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