TYB : Pleyber-Christ

Two days before setting off to France to put the TYB exhibition up, I’ve had a last minute phone call from the mairie’s office in Pleyber-Christ - they will be able to participate after all, putting the photograph up in their mediathèque. That means I have 11 locations and an updated map. I’ve also been able to update the poster I want to put up in the tourist information offices, etc. and have updated the press release pdf, although I doubt I’ll be sending it out anywhere else. Pleyber-Christ won’t be getting a mention on the radio though, the interview with my wife (I’m too English...) should be airing today (31st March), with the soundbite hopefully also being available on the RMN FM website.

(note - entry typed on the 31/3, but not uploaded due to lack of Internet connection)
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