TYB : First Thoughts

Well, it seems that it will be ok to put my work up for display a week or two after the March 14th deadline (presentation day), although of course I will have to include the documentation of the actual display within the journal and write up.

So, beyond what I was mentioning the other day, what are my first thoughts?

Displaying Le Loupe... in France is the basic concept, and it was always going to be something of an idea. I had initially thought about some form of gallery context for the display (well, after the book form), but now I’m looking of pushing those boundaries, taking the work outside the conventional environment. I mentioned the Tourist Information Office the other day, or perhaps the mairie. Now, I’m thinking that I’d like to see the work scattered across the region on local village notice boards, reflecting the fact that the photographs have been taken across that region. The fact that the notice boards are an occasional subject in these photographs isn’t lost either.

Spreading the work out, an image here and an image there will weaken the narrative aspects, which is fine - it’s not pure documentary anyway. What I might look at doing is providing some background information, perhaps through a linked website where people can see the other related works. It becomes the glue for disparate works that will be lacking in context in isolation.

As it stands, I’m not sure what is involved in gaining access to these notice boards. I’m guessing it will be via the mairie, or maybe the bibliotheque or poste (assuming there is one close by). I’m in France soon, so I will start to ask these questions. I can also look at other places that might be options for display... I had thought of some guerrilla postings, but if I link to website, there might be repercussions, which is something I’m not keen on experiencing (bureaucracy can be problematic for an easy life!). I also need to find all these boards..

As for the website, obviously it should contain some form of gallery for the images, but also some context, maybe a map for the images that are displayed. An open comments section? Or maybe just a contact form? Things to think about - I’ve not got these solutions yet.

Also, how to print? To what size? Initial thoughts are that they should be maybe A4 or so, but whether these should be photographic or poster style prints, I don’t know. Some of the information boards are completely exposed to the elements, some might be behind glass, or even inside. I don’t know. Inkjet prints will be waterproof (from a better grade printer, I’m not talking a cheap inkjet...), they’re certainly diesel proof anyway as the Ruscha Gasoline Stations Revisited project has proven. How durable they’d be when exposed though... Actually, I think that’s part of the interest for me, how things will last. Will they last? Will they be removed from the boards? Will they just decompose or fade? Board use might be time limited, so this might not be much of a consideration.

Maybe the prints should be a little bigger? Maybe I need different sizes for different info boards? Maybe some places will want things smaller, post card sized?

I’ll start to test the water, weigh the options and make some decisions with the aim of having things ready for Easter.
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