Cindy Bernard

I'm not sure where Cindy Bernard's Ask the Dust sits in direct relationship with my recent work. I have an idea, that of "revisiting" something from someone else's experiences, but there is a niggle as to whether that is really it. It's related, of course it is, but is it the whole story? And is there any link at all to my other work at all?

Cindy Bernard

Cindy Bernard -

In Bernard's work, she has gone back to scenes from well known films, from Vertigo, Faster Pussycat... Kill Kill and Dirty Harry and rephotographed them as they were when she was there, rather than as they were 30, 40 years ago (or longer...). I have done this virtually with Ruscha's Gasoline Stations Revisited and it is what I have started to explore with After Stephen Shore. She is in the LA area so can more easily visit the locations first hand. I use GSV.

Something else that does come through that has resonated within me and my early thoughts of Stephen Shore is the familiarity of some of these scenes. Yes, many of them are iconic films such as the afore mentioned Vertigo, but the films and the views from them all seem somehow familiar. Visual culture, notably from Hollywood cinema, but also for me from photography, has shaped the way we experience things that we have no direct experience of. I have never been to San Francisco, but I recognise the scene from Vertigo of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is in my memory. Similarly, one of the things I mentioned in my introduction notes on After Stephen Shore was that I felt a familiarity with the subjects of his images that should be illogical, but I feel that it stems from watching TV years ago (Kojak, Starsky and Hutch or The Streets of San Francisco). Not so much now, although maybe... I do feel a certain affinity with the landscapes of Breaking Bad because of the images from Shore, Ruscha and others.

The more I consider these things, the more I feel that memory is a fragile thing and easily mislead.

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